I was born in Montreal and was gifted my first guitar at age 10 after moving to James Bay Ontario. Living in a rural community up north did not afford an opportunity to learn from a teacher so I nailed down my air playing techniques while keeping the beat by slamming my cowgirl boots on to the top of the coffee table. At age 13 I joined a pop cover band and began to teach guitar in music studios in B.C. then in Alberta. I then went on to study music at the Musicians Institute in L.A. And upon graduation moved to Vancouver B.C. and joined an all women’s funk band Cargo Cult and then a latin band Pheun-co.

Along my lifes journey my guitar has been an instrument of expression and a connection to my emotions and I began to explore the healing aspects of music and studied to become a music therapist at the University of Capilano in North Vancouver B.C.

Currently I’m spending my time in my home studio teaching and enjoying what technology has to offer. I’m in the process of writing a book on music and technology and embarking on the writing of my first album. I have a passion for the blending of genres such as blues, funk, jazz, and fusion, woven in to the world of today.